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Abstract: Now, the global is suffering the novel coronavirus and masks are still essential for daily life. However, some are reluctant to wear it, as it will make them feel oppressed after a long time wear, especially for those with heart and lung disease. Andy gets an Airwheel F3 smart mask and has solved the above problems.

Airwheel F3 intellgent mask

Airwheel F3 smart fresh air mask introduced by Airwheel achieves reuse ability, with a modular design, allowing users to easily disassemble and assemble the mask. Its filter uses 4 high-efficiency filter layers, which are skin-friendly non-woven fabric layer, high-efficiency melt-blown fabric layer, heat-sealable fabric layer, and non-woven fabric protection layer. Wearers only need to replace the filter regularly, which can effectively block PM2.5, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.

Airwheel F3 electric mask

Airwheel F3 fresh air masks also developed a mobile phone APP, which can promptly remind users to replace the filter according to the actual use, without the user having to bother to calculate. In addition, the APP can also be used to remind the remaining power, check the duration of use, adjustment mode, etc. At the same time, it is also equipped with professional sensors that can sense the difference between the user's static, walking, running, riding and other dynamic and static states, and intelligently adjust the wind speed of the fan to ensure that the user's breathing is more comfortable and smoother.

Airwheel F3 Fresh air mask

In terms of wearing comfort, Airwheel F3 electric mask also has a completely different design from ordinary masks. The main body part in contact with the face is not only made of soft silicone material, but also can be disinfected with alcohol and washed with high temperature. Boiling water for five minutes can kill 99.9% of bacteria, so that the mask can be used again safely and healthily.It is designed with an aerodynamic system, using electrostatic micro-motors and booster fans to achieve air circulation. No matter whether inhaling or exhaling, it is effortless, away from the suffocating experience, and can also avoid secondary inhalation of exhaust gas. Let every breath breathe fresh air.

Airwheel F3 smart electric mask

Unlike the single wearing method of ordinary masks, F3 smart mask also has the convenience of flexible wearing. Its high-soft silicone lanyard, with multiple length gears adjustable, can realize two different ways of wearing earhook and head-mounted, to meet the needs of users with different preferences and different situations. Welcome to visit https://www.airwheel.net/home/products to learn more new products.

Airwheel F3 smart mask

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